Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Woods

For years, I arranged my life around school hours. Career goals and regular working hours were put aside as I pursued the Ulitmate Flash.
I admit readily that a great deal of that time was spent scoping out new hunting grounds and looking for vulnerable young girls. When pickins were slim I would even flash groups of girls. I knew that was much more dangerous, cuz a pack of virgin cunts would be more likely to call police. I always made a quick exit after such flashes.
I had a short list of places that I visited often. These were faves cuz there were regular walkers. More later

Monday, April 28, 2008

one of these days....

It is my hope that other like me will post and chat about my favorite sexual theme ...


I mentioned my first experience. Shes was 7 and the sister of a friend. She was playing in a park by herself when I came by. I stopped and started chatting. I pushed her on the swing, the carosel, and copped several good feels under her dress while we played. She would giggle and squirm when i touched a good spot. No one was around and I was hard as a rock. In a quiet spot nearby I proudly showed her my cock. I gently rubbed her pussy over her panties and guided her hands around my cock. I showed her how to rub it while getting a finger into her little pussy. She did what i told her and then said her brother had her do this too. I would have to remember that ...
My climax suprised me as much as it did her. I thanked her and left ... it would be several years before I saw her again. As young as i was, i didnt know if she would tell. but seeing her again i knew she had told no one. I was relieved and curious , but never talked about it with her.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pedophilia in todays society

OK ... I am a Pedophile. I live Two Lives.
In One...I am the Dutifull Father , Husband, Lover, Provider and general good guy.
In the Other ... I am a Predator of Great talent and desire.
I am a very active person. I jog regularly and ride my bicycle to stay in shape. I have had to use all of my Physical stamina to escape capture ( thats a story for another day ) .
I wont tell you how long I have been doing this ... but I was very involved in this lifestyle while Carter was president : )>~
Last week i was with my child at the park.. a little girl began to play next to the bench i sat on. She seemed starved for attention so we chatted ... I knew all about her and her family in a few minutes. Single Mom ... grandmaw babysits ( shes 70 something ) ... one big brother 8 y/o .. playing at the far end of the field. No one else was around so ... i told her what a good pretty little girl she was. She smiled and chatted on ... I told her to open her legs so i may see her panties ... she complied with a big smile ... next i told her to pull aside her panties so i could see under them. She complied with no hesitation and just smiled. I complimented her again .. on how pretty she was sitting there. She loved the adult attention. I dont think it was her first show for a man.
Thats how it goes.. The Predator struck again ... and escaped ... amazing and exciting. But know one knows how much I would lose if i was caught. The news is full of morons caught by accident or design.


Ill bet you are all wondering why I have created such a blog. I have been outside Sexual Norms since i was a teen. My first sexual contact was with a girl half my age ... I was 14. It was easy to get her to play show and dont tell.
I have carried that experience all my adult life. Since then I have had 8 girls under 15 years... and never been caught.
As a older teen I began to expose myself and masturbate to young girls walking home from school. Most would simply look down and keep walking...some would watch me untill
I climaxed. Still some more would call Police , but by then I was long gone. Yet, I would hide and watch with fascination. The possiblity of getting caught was exciting, but I am cautious and carefull.
I choose wooded areas near schools. Middle schools are better hunting grounds than Elementary or High Schools. Kids that age are more independent and less aware of the kinds of people are waiting for them.
Each of my Hunting grounds are carefully chosen. More than 2 exits that are hidden, ample cover if the situation becomes "crowded", and clear area to expose myself to my victim .. and the victim alone. They are not as hard to find as they sound.
I often will leave a Porn Mag on the trail or street so my subject will stop and look. Leaving more time to finish. Many times I am never noticed. I have one subject that I can get within 30 feet... she has never noticed or she pretends she doesnt. Yet, she consistantly walks the same way alone. Wonderfull and amazing.
My favorite places are ones that I can strip completely and safely. It is sooo exciting to be completely naked in front of a young girl...whether she sees me or not. Of course, I cover my head and face so I am not recognized. This is one reason I have not gotten any Tattoos.
I have flashed over a hundred girls all over the country. Its kind of a warm weather activity, but I have stood in the snow to get a good ..close.. noticed ..flash on my territory. Several times I have gotten close enough to cum on my victim.
I have soo many areas that I use that I can go weeks without revisiting the same place. After a good close FLASH ..i will not go back for a long while. Except to watch ( from a distance ) to see if she continues to walk the same way home. I am always pleased when they do... and when they dont there is always another unwilling victim of my compulsion...fetish .. crime or whatever you wish to call it. I am an Exhibitionist and very good at my it.
Ill be seeing you... and you may see me : )>~