Monday, December 29, 2008


I have started to publish this little fuckhole everywhere. The next set features her whipped ass ... all 4 sizes of buttplugs used to train her virgin asshole... as well as her tied and sitting in her own shit after a 2 quart enema... beautifull humiliation

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have a lesbian friend who is almost as brutal and perverted as I am. I invited her over to meet my new fucktoy. fucktoy didnt like girls untill she met "Ricky" . After a couple of shots, Ricky did things to fucktoy i didnt think she would . Of course, telling Ricky this fucktoy said she had no limits created a personal challenge to her that she found irresistable.
I watched quietly as fucktoy was whipped untill she was raw ... then put on her knees. fucktoy had the audacity to turn her head away.
Ricky took over an hour to make sure she would never do that again. Ricky fisted her ... slapped her .... pierced her nipples with a couple of long thick needles ( and several small ones) before fucktoy submitted to licking her cunt and asshole. fucktoy was drinking her piss before she was done with her. fucktoy had that "thousand yard stare" with piss dripping off her face.
it was quite erotic ... i offered her the use of this one again ... privately..if she desired. Ricky said this one bored her , but belives she would make a good pussy cleaner if properly motivated.
i thanked Ricky for decorating my fucktoy. Her new nipple piercings would bring hours of fun for me over the next few weeks. perhaps a couple of nipple stretchers would remind it of its place. Its tits are bruised .... pussy stretched .... taste of fresh piss and pussy in its mouth.
There was no complaint as i stood and unzipped my pants