Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bolder and Bolder

To say this experience emboldened me would be accurate. However, I found being an exhibitionist to be just as much fun without as much danger of being caught. The authorities considered such a crime to be of much lesser importance than Rape. This is where I entered fully into living two lives.
In one life, I was a hard working student. Quiet and involved with all the bs that goes with high school. In the other, I was always on the prowl for places and people that made themselves available for my particular fetish. At all times, i was prepared to take it to the next level. I went out with all the equipement needed to make a victim helpless to my whims.
I found middle schools the most "target rich" environments. Schools in these areas are built with lots of land around them. Often wooded with paths carved through them, they provided cover ... and isolation ... for an intimate moment with a suprised victim. In several places, I gained an audience that returned often for an encore.
In my other life, I dated girls and was outwardly "normal". No meant No.. so it was rare that I got laid even though i dated regularly and obeyed the rules. After such frustrating flings with girls that only wished to use a boy to be seen with, it was most gratfying to take it to one or two the way that they deserved to be used.
With the arrival of the Internet, my alternative lifestyle began to flourish. Pictures and vids of girls in bondage ...and enjoying it.. seemed like a far away planet I was determined to find. Find it I did .. and I learned to take full advantage of every opportunity that presented itself. The discipline and patience I developed over the years has paid off numerous times.
Its been said you cant rape the willing ... Im here to say that you can ... Once you have them helpless ... thier flesh is your playground. Even if it takes them a few weeks to heal... most will be back to be used again ..and again. It always amuses me to watch a subbie crawling back ...
So the smile you see on my public face ... is a memory of someone being used in my secret one.
I see you ... only for what you will become ...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Previous Predation

I have been a predator for as long as i can remember. As a teen, I felt akward and ashamed of these fantasies. I dreamed of "getting even" with all those girls that rejected me. My first rape was of a girl from another school in OK. I stalked her ... dreamed of her when i masturbated... and planned. My plans included duct tape , gloves and vaseline. I am a huge fan of crime stories and learned how to plan and not leave evidence.
She was a latch key kid living in a nice neighborhood. Breaking in was easy... waiting for her to come home from school was hard. I went through her things looking for souvenirs ...settled on a pair of her dirty panties. I was just about to lose my nerve when she arrived. I hid and jumped on her as she passed the closet door. I beat her , tied her and carried her to her charming little bedroom with "My Little Pony" stuff on the walls. It was quick and satisfying. I cleaned up and dragged her into the shower telling her I would be back.
I got to read about it in the paper ... I still get a woodie remembering her sweet little pussy.. and her sobs

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Traveling Stories

Having been "On the Road" for a while, I have availed myself of the pleasures of the European BDSM Community. I have subscriptions to all the major bdsm dating sites so i can be entertained while traveling.
I stayed with a couple for a few days that love to be Dominated together. They were eating my asshole within a few hours of "play" ... of course the knife to her throat encouraged him to do what he was told. I have never had my ass toungued so deeply. They were quite happy with thier new Master and I allowed them to think that I cared.
I have been chatting up an 18 y/0 girl in Denmark for quite some time. I visited and we had dinner in a nice resturant. Like all girls her age, she was looking for adventure ..and a Daddy... She will visit next month and will be used horribly and brutally as a Sex Slave. I hinted that she would be badly abused in my dungeon for days on end. Either she has a death wish or no idea what shes in for.
We made love at the hotel with only the most gentle and subtle hints of what she would endure at my hand. If shes decides she wants to visit for a while ... she will make a wonderfull party toy.. after I am completely sure she will obey without hesitation. That is ...if she survives

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have just returned from an overseas trip that I have looked forward to for years. After much research I have discovered the pedos travel agents abroad.
Everyone talks about the brothels in Thailand, Viet Nam, and Malasia, but India provided the best experience I have ever had with preteen girls. For about the price of a dinner at Applebee's , I was provided with 2 hungry little eight year old girls that were gratefull for the opportunity to fuck a foriegner for cash.
I traveled to New Delhi and began to travel south to Madurai on the trains. As soon as I stepped out on the streets, children would suround travellers begging for money. Most work for family members or "pimps" to beg for money, but some had no problems understanding english or the demands of the traveling pedos. Getting a blowjob from a 10 y/o in an alley for a buck was lots of fun. I had no problems finding all that I could enjoy from eager children at every stop.
I arranged a beach house with my new little friends and taught them lots of new tricks. I cant post here but to those who know me, the vids and pics are available. What a country!!