Thursday, September 18, 2008


I see my counter going up everyday! Yet none of you leave any messages or anything
meet my new friend ..Comments?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speaking of Sex Crimes ... Monday's show highlighted just how the internet has brought Pedophilia to the mainstream.
Good stuff here to protect those like us from those like them.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vacation time is over ...

... the score for this trip. 14 separate girls exposed . 10 witnessed my climax ... 4 of those stopped to watch .. 2 started crying ... and one wanted to talk ... ( to open a position with other people nearby or i would of taken better use of her mouth ) .. and 1 boy ( just cuz i could )
One rape , 3 consentual online meets with "submissives", and went to seminar in which the speaker talked about the rise in the reports of sexual abuse and other sex crimes.
I resisted the urge to laugh out loud during his speach.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rape.... such an ugly word. I prefer forced sex. Much more descriptive.
My travels have taken me across New England and into the Midwest. It had been days since I had seen a proper place to enjoy my fetish. The day's place was in the middle of a forest near a very small town. I came across a swimming hole that was well used by the locals considering the trash beer bottles and other stuff stewn about. It was quiet and hot so a quick dip cooled off my growing frustration. I was dressed and leaving when a girl came walking in.
I expected others to join her but she was quite alone. Also fat and not very attractive but that didnt matter in the least. While she swam, I prepared the items I always carry. Duct tape, rope, thumbcuffs ( handcuffs are always too big for the girls I wanna do ) , and a hunting knife. I put a dark bandana over my hair and the other over my mouth and nose... and wore nothing else but shoes. When she climbed out ... I was ready. Another quick look around and I stepped up behind her and looped the rope around her neck quickly and pull her to the ground.
Her shock and fear where evident and she fought back. The rope and a the arm lock I had her in finally quieted her enough to allow me to cuff her and molest her. I whispered in her ear that I would not hurt her if she were cooperative. But if she fought she would be beaten and fucked anyway. She begged and pleaded but I was already rubbing its dry pussy. The gag went in her mouth with a loud protest but that was quickly solved.
I pulled it to its feet and dragged her by the hair to a quiet spot and stripped her completely. Unkept pussy hair ... fat and streach marks almost put me off untill she wet herself. Piss ran down her legs and she shook uncontrolably. I simply smilled and enjoyed her pain and humiliation.
I asked if she were a virgin. She nodded yes ..then i asked if she wanted to stay one? She again nodded yes. So that left 2 holes to be used ....
I pushed her down on her stomach and tied each ankle to a tree as far apart as I could. I loved teasing her pussy and talking dirty to the virgin slut... I had her humping my hand against her ugly pussy untill she was exhausted then I began to grease up her ass. First 1 finger then 2... it took a few minutes before she realized what was next. By then it was too late... I buried my cock in its ass and pumped like mad.
I stopped a couple of times when I felt the need to cum ... and pulled out to tease this fuckhole some more. Her asshole was bloody and she shit herself , but i continued untill I came inside her wrecked asshole.
I washed in the pond and washed her asshole with the pond water...inside and out... Didnt want to leave any evidence. I used gloves with the duct tape and secured her there. I did it loose enough so she could escape but it would take her some time to wriggle out. I m sure I was in the next state before that happened. I laughed at her pain and told her i would see her again soon. If she told anyone that what happened today would be a picnic. I dont care if she belived me or not. I was quite satisfied with the experience