Thursday, June 26, 2008


Among the fav pastimes mentioned in previous posts, I indulge in collecting pretty pictures of girls that are too scared or too stupid ... and wayyyy too young in front of a pedophile's camera. I have several people I trade with regularly online and I am always amazed how many girls are used at such a tender age. Its a dangerous game but one I play well. Anonymous email addys on overseas servers, no hints as too where I live and who is in these pretty pics.
Some I have taken and posted over the years. Its always gratifying to see one of my girls being traded among pedos all over the world. I have such a large collection that I always know when a new one is being posted. Cool stuff : )>~
There are the Semi-legal , semi nude, and completely erotic pics of wanna be models posing at 10 ..12 ..13 y/o in very adult positions. See thru panties ..overdone makeup... thongs ... brazilian bikinis.. . Hot stuff for the pedos of the world. There are a few that always seem to cum up. Sandra..Lia ..and a host of others that pose in loose panties..teasing the viewer with peeks at nipples and pussy. Sandra has grown up. I have all her pics. Now that shes legal, Im sure her popularity has dropped. But i have all of her nudes ( not the photoshopped ones) . I used one of her sets to convince a pretty little teeny to pose for me. Good stuff ....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Its Summertime. Lots of girls out and about thinking they will never come across a man like me.
I had seen this one dozens of times. She usually walked with freinds but today she was quite alone. Towel in hand, she was on her way to the swimming pool. dressed in cutoffs and bikini top she was cute as she could be. I flashed her and she stopped and watched with her mouth hanging open. I was no more than 30 feet from her and the trail. I came hard and blew her a kiss. I was done with her ...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother F@cker

My fav fuckhole must really enjoy the abuse I heap on her. I offered to take mom and daugher to Mexico for a LONG weekend. fuckhole jumped on my offer and we headed for the border.
I have been here dozens of times and knew of several beach houses that are quiet and secluded along the Pacific coast. I was my charming best untill we all were alone. fuckhole got too high and drunk and passed out early. little fuckhole and I got to know each other better.
We played on the beach, took some nice vanilla pics and wound up showering together. I taught her slowly how to please me and i showed her how to climax. It wasnt hard. A small vibrator had her goin in no time at all. At first she was afraid but that melted into the need to do it over and over again. Each time I showed her something new. Even her asshole enjoyed a little bit o play. She spread her barely furred little twat and buzzed away. We slept and ate dinner on the patio. It was perfect.
She admitted to watching me do her mom. After dinner, she drank some wine with me and her mom still snored away the evening.
Little fuckhole had no problems learning how sucking my cock. I warned her that if anyone found out, it would not go well for mom. She understood ... and got on her knees as directed.
It pleases me to find little girls to prey on ...