Monday, June 8, 2009

Party Aftermath

I need to thank all the guests for a very successful party! fuckhole was completely shocked and humilatied to be passed around like a party favor to everyone!
Special thanks to Master Joseph and his submissives for the special treatment they gave to fuckhole. I didnt think she would be able to handle sucking the cum out of that boys asshole.. in front of a crowd of very horny ... very Dominant .. and very demanding Men.
It pulled the entire train. Often with tears and a little blood ... but very entertaining! I will never forget the look on her face when Ali dropped his shorts to show off his cock. This kid is hung ..literally ... like a horse. He was last in line ... and it still was tight fit. fuckhole screamed and fought but eventually submitted to his pleasure. The agony of it was plain to see .... Which only made it hotter to watch!
It cried for days afterwards, but was much quicker to give pleasure now that her training is almost complete.
The winning bid for fuckhole will be announced in a few days. Im bored with it now