Monday, November 10, 2008

First Meeting

The emails "it" sent were soo full of fluff and bullshit it was hard to believe they had come from the same girl that described her rape ... and desires in such detail. She has a My Space and a FAcebook profile that are vanilla and boring as all the rest. She says she tried but could not bring herself to meet anyone she met there. She said it is this blog that she cannot get out of her head.
I told her I would rape and beat her like she deserves. She dressed as she was told. Skirt, blouse, no bra, no panties, and no fur on her pussy. I fondled her right away as we chatted in a crowded Starbucks and left for a motel. I handcuffed her, gagged her, blindfolded her, and molested her several times on the way. I wanted her completely disoriented when it became time to face the pain I planned to inflict.
Along a lonely stretch of road, I dragged her into a wooded area and stripped her. Tied to a tree, I whipped her legs and ass with a Tawse untill she was covered in angry welts. I placed many alligator clips to her nipples and pussy lips. Her cries behind the gag started loudly ... I whipped her untill all i heard where quiet whimpers then forced her against the rough bark of the tree and assfucked her. Her feet were scant inches from the ground as i buried my cock to the hilt and enjoyed all the little noises she created as the intensity of the pain she was experienceing from all its sexual orifaces.
Little speckles of blood rose from the little aligator clips ... more blood from the welts I greedliy gave it. Her body was wracked with sobs as she was impaled anally... helplessly on my cock. I took a fist full of her hair and buried it deeper. I told her she was to be completely obedient now... or she would not survive. I twisted a clamped nipple to force the point home and continued to enjoy her asshole.
I have only seen the possition I put her in next, once ..but always wanted to do it. I handcuffed her hands behind her back used a rope tied to the tree to secure her to it ... bent at the waist with her back against the tree... looking at me from between her legs as I attached the leg spreader to her ankles and opened them as wide as I could. I knelt down and licked her pussy ...then ordered it to clean my cock. Free of the gag she tried to protest tearfully as i pushed my cock in her mouth and fucked it . Her pussy was dripping wet and i teased it with my tongue ..then twisted her clit. I pulled its pussy lips open with the clamps attached and ordered it to suck harder or I would rip them out!
She passed out with shit and cum all over her mouth. I untied her bloodied body and tossed her into the trunk to take her to the motel. She was bathed and fucked several more times.
I left 500 dollars on the nightstand and left ...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Online Predation

For several weeks i have been chatting up a submissive. Nothing earthshattering about that, but this one is unique. 19... and cute with fantasies she says shes had since her first experience with ...a Sexual Predator : )>~
She writes... i met a man online when i was 15 ... and he took me someplace and raped me repeatedly for days. At the end of her ordeal, she was hospitalized with anal tears, and a branding on her thigh. She says she cannot forget what happened ..and masturbates daily dreaming about it.
The reaction of her parents and others was shock and disgust ... so she never told anyone how she really felt about it. Throughout our chatting and emails i have gathered enough info to determine her story is true. Reported in the newspapers, the perp was caught some months later after raping several more girls in a similar fashion. I hope his memories carry him through his life sentence.
We will meet on the weekend. I discussed exactly what i will do ( and a few i didnt discuss) and will take her to that level of intensity. I watched her jillin on her cam for me last night. She promises her love to the man who can make her feel like that again. LOL ..who cares about her love ... i just wanna fuck and further humiliate this cunt ... of course pictures and a video will be forthcuming to those who wish to see just how a "consentual" brutal rape happens ... it will be a wonderfull seduction

Monday, November 3, 2008


Any holiday that allows me to dress up and scare small children is my kinda holiday. Kids truly think they are invincible and are soo curious about some things.
For an exhibitionist, a "haunted" house is the perfect place to flash a young girl ...even rub my hard cock against her untill she notices and then her squeals sound like everyone elses : )>~ Then slip away before she is able to tell anyone. She didnt ( i was watching from a distance ) but her education has begun. I followed her home ... and now know more about her than anyone can imagine. Now thats scary ....