Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lots of Vistors ...

But no comments ... whatcha scared of? Post sumthin

Thursday, July 24, 2008

play time

Today I felt drawn to a swimming pool in a neighboring town. I have visited this place a few times, but have never had a successfull exhibition there. It is a small lake with ropes and bouys marking the swimming area with a large sandy beach. Nice place for kids to play : )>~
The park around it has lots of paths and woods which lead to the suburbs around it. Perfect place to get some exercise and practise my fav compulsion. I rode through the park in the morning on my bike and saw no police at all. One cruiser rolled by the swimming area and left the park. Now all I have to do is wait ... naked... hidden but close ... masked... with an excellent view of 3 trails to a low income apartment complex.
A couple of groups of kids passed with bigger kids along. I watched but stayed hidden. I knew a child would come along soon to be witness to my sexuality. Whether they wished it or not : )>~
Thats why I enjoy this soo much. I am in total control. I decide when and where ... that thought kept me patient enough to wait.
The sun was high and the woods where a bit steamy. This kind of weather keeps adults away from the woods, but kids dont worry about that and take the short cut that leads to me. Todays flash was to a little black girl about 10 I would guess in a bikini handed down from someone. It fit loosely on her puggie body and she walked along slowly. When I stepped from hiding rubbing my ready cock. It took a moment for her to realize what was in front of her. She smiled uncomfortably and watched as a spray of cum erupted from my cock and onto the trail. I thanked her for her attention and left to recover my clothing from hiding. The whole thing took about 30 seconds after 5 hours setting up and watching.
Again, its not the act that compels me but the chase. I watched through binoculars the girl i just flashed at the pool for an hour or more. No cops ... no adult ... . Perfect flash .. Ill bet she masturbates tonght.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend fun

The doctor gave her a clean bill of health so now her training enters her third week. The leash training is going well. It has gotten used to being on a leash when we are in public. It proudly displays her new collar and delights in getting new clothing. She is not permitted anything to wear in the house or yard except her collar. I gave her some big ole granny panties to wear durning her menses which are amusing to see on her skinny butt.
When i am away, she is locked in the bedroom with a chain and padlock on her collar. No TV, internet, telephone or outside communications. I do have a web cam i log into just to show her off. I had her doing Ass to Mouth drills for the entertainment of my web freinds last night.
I will auction her off soon. Shes beginning to bore me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Training began for skinny fuck from the moment I met it. Today I began taking it for walks on a leash wearing as little as possible. We visited some of my fav flashing spots for some photography and play time. Someone was watching so I made a point of removing her clothing completely once we entered the deeper woods. It was humilliated and scared being naked in public, but the cane had her standing up straight as we walked.
We came across a boy who couldnt help but to stare with his mouth open at my naked slave. I offered him his first experience while i tied its leash to a tree. He came quickly and offered a shaky thank you. I said we will be back again and I hoped to see him again.
Skinny fuck walked with me with her head down and cum drying on her face. Her obedience pleases me, but I cant help be curious about how she came to be the way she is. I more thorough google search and background check is in order.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend activities

My newest house slut is working out well so far. I tied her to a hook next to the front door and admired her most of the day Saturday reminding her she is just another pretty object in my living room. Then put her to work cleaning house.
I took away all her meager posessions, clothing, and body hair. She eats when shes told, Shits when and where shes told and pleasures everyone I order her to do. She makes a good foot rest, but still a bit plain. Dont know if that can be fixed or not, but as long as she knows her place then I will continue to use her.
I sent her to the doctor last week for a complete physical. Hes kink freindly and very thorough. I had a vasectomy several years ago so gettin her knocked up is not my concern but keeping her clean for me and my friends is important. Slut ownership can be expensive but my plans for her will pay that in a short time.
She still needs training even though she has not resisted in the least since she arrived. Putting back some passion is going to be an intresting experiment. Someone really took all of her sense of self away long before I got a hold of her.
For Saturday's gathering, I dressed her in school girl clothes ( straight from the Catholic charities garage sale) and had her read from De Sade's book. She is so small and skinny that she could easily pass for a teenybopper. The rest of the night she served drinks to my guests.
I gave her to a lesbian mistress later to see just how submissive she really is. My lesbian freind taught her well and firmly. She said it didnt take much to get her eating pussy and she climaxes very easily.
All things considered, she has been quite entertaining. I still want to see her take on 4 or 5 guys at one time. i know a fellow hung so well hes likely to split her in two. He can have her last.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Now what...

... guess who showed up this morning on my front porch. Yep.. the skinny little fuck from Kansas. She was carrying everything she owned in a backpack and sobbed uncontrollably while kneeling in a dirty dress.
I was horny at the moment so I had her blow me while spelling out the rules. She was to do exactly what she was told. Failure to obey would punished harshly ( Like it matters ). If she refused punishment ...well ... she knows where the door is.
There was something akin to gratitude in her eyes and she returned to her task with renewed vigor. I stopped her and showed her to her new place. My playroom is well stocked with my toys. I used a large ball gag and handcuffs to firmly attach her to the wall. I informed her that she was to be punished for the next 7 days for showing up unannounced. She started sobbing again even before I started. Her tears made mud out of the dirt on her face.
I was completely unintrested in her discomfort or her anguish. She chose to be here. In her mind she deserved this. I found no reason to disagree with her assesment of the situation.
I renewed the vicious whip marks I had left on her ass and legs and turned my attention to her pitifull excuse for tits.
I used rope and leather to immobilize her against the wall ... donned latex gloves and carefully cleaned each nipple with Betadine. Im sure by now she was resigned to her fate but the piercing tray held several instraments that she could not take her eyes from. I clamped and pierced each nipple quickly and stepped back to admire my work. Her eyes were glassy with whatever was going thru that head of hers. A slight trickle of blood oozed and rolled over her tits.I considered doing her clit too but decided to wait for another day to enjoy that more completely.
I put her to work cleaning the bathrooms. Collared, chained to the dancer pole, and hurting from her new piercings she was beyond tears. And set to work scrubbing the floor..

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its not hard to find what I want. I must belong to a dozen dating, fucking, or bdsm clubs that I use to find women ready to be used.
I traveled to Kanas to see a young lady that has been begging me to do her for 2 months now. Our emails just kept getting hotter and hotter. I told her up front I can be a brutal SOB. I even had her sign a waiver and notorize it with permission to keep all the photos and do whatever i pleased short of hospitalization.
She is a skinny bucktoothed kid with a head full of fantasys and a twat that was not ready for what I had in mind. We drove to Arkansas to a cabin I had rented. It was far out of way so her cries for help ...or mercy would not disturb the neighbors.
I shaved her pussy. Made love to her like she was a goddess and began to brutalize her slowly and thoroughly. The single-tail whip made her pee on the floor during its first use on her pale flesh. I gave her an enema that should have come out of her mouth and kept her bound and collared for days. She ate from a bowl on the floor and licked the toilet clean daily. My asshole was kept clean and my cock satisfied a couple of times a day.
On the drive home, I had her blowing truckers for 20 bucks a pop at truck stops. I dropped her off at home bruised and humiliated with a fresh tattoo on her ass. A reminder of our "date".
She begged to come home with me after all I put her through. I pissed in her mouth while she blew me for the last time.