Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School starts!

Losing fucktoy was a drag. So I have been touring for the last couple of weeks across the country. I have been in small towns all over New England doing my fav fetish.
At one school not yet open for the school year, I found a target rich environment as kids went to a Middle School orientation. I flashed 4 different girls in the 2 days I was in town. Never saw a cop. All 4 walked on a trail near the schools athletic field. Most exciting. One of the girls smiled and watched untill I was done. The other 3 gasped and pretended to ignore me but I got off anyway.
Im such a perv : )>~

Monday, August 25, 2008

More from Shy P0ster

They cry but we both know they got off ...

Anonymous said...
I have been a little more brutal than usual since I began using my pre teen slut. Her mother is more depraved than me so my nastier side is coming out. This morning I woke up to find the mom siing on the toilet(naked) with her naked daughter kneeling between her legs and the mom was forcing her daughter to lick her as she was pissing. The little girl was begging and crying for her mom to stop. I was so fucking hard. I got on the floor with her and rammed her tiny tiny ass with my rock hard cock. I brutally raped her ass. It think it was the most wonderful fuck I have ever had. After I was done her mother forced her little girl to lick my dirty cock clean as she forced her fingers into the little fucktoys ass and cunt. I cant get enough of this little girl!!
August 23, 2008 10:45 PM

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shy poster ... keep em cumin

Anonymous said...
I had a wonderful fucktoy this afternoon. I met a women a few weeks back and she has a pre teen daughter. I have wanted to have this sweet little thing since the day I saw her. Well today was my chance her mother asked me to watch her daughter while she ran a few errands. She wasn't gone 2 minutes when I was standing into front of her little girl with my rock hard cock in my hand. i grabbed her by her hair and forced my cock down her throat. She didn't want it at first but soon she was a pure slut like her mother. i came all over her face. then i ripped her clothes off her and proceeded to bite her tiny nipples and tiny clit. Her mother walked in as I was just about to enter her daughters tiny tite cunt. Her mother stared at me for a minute and I thought about stopping but didn't. Almost immediatly her mother was naked and sitting on her daughters face grinding her cunt against her lips. We used and abused her little girl all afternnon. We just put her to bed with a very stretched out cunt and ass. What an amazing day.
August 20, 2008 11:27 PM

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fucktoy lost

I make it a policy to do a background check of all the sluts I play with. I was disappointed to discover that my newest fucktoy was wanted by the police. Little wonder that she was anxious to come home with me and serve as the house whore.
I had yet to find anything she would not do. She took seriously the threat to be tossed out if she disobeyed in the least. She would lick ass ..drink piss... suck cock..pussy or anything else I set in front of her. Everyday I would find someway to further humiliate fuckhole. I had her nipples pierced professionally but did her labia myself. I had such fun.
Appearently she skipped bail on a drug charge. It was easy to find who posted her bail and have them come and get her. But not before I had fuck hole pull the whole train. 7 men were satisfied the night before. I dressed her properly and turned her over to a real bounty hunter. She was totally suprised by being handcuffed and informed she was on her way to face charges in S. Carolina.
She will not be missed.