Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Party dates

Its all set. You know the time and place. I will be expecting each of you. "It" has been suitably prepared verify by email before Sat.
See ya'll then

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2

It was beginning to stink of piss and pussy. Blood had dried on its cunt where the needles had pierced its lips and the thread pulled its pussy closed. The catheter was clamped closed and the tube was filled with piss. Six loops of rope surounded its throat as its hands where tightly tied. It could not touch itself or stop my torture. I cut away the threads that held its cunt and open it roughly with my fingers. I whispered so softly in its ear ... and led her to the shower. I made sure the water was ice cold as I washed it roughly. I was not so cruel with the enema. Making sure it was warm and soapy. it was confused but obedient as it was ordered to its knees. I like having my asshole licked by a motivated submissive. I spread my ass and ordered it to lick ... it hesitated only a second. That was my que... Thrown down on the bathroom floor, it was disciplined with the meanest whip I own. When I finished .. it begged to eat my ass... "Like a Good Girl" The enema drained onto the floor as it whimpered but pushed its tongue as deeply as it could up my ass. I pushed her face into the mess and buttfucked it hard. I withdrew my cock and forced it into her waiting mouth. Still covered in shit from its draining ass. It no longer cared what I did to it.
The catheter offered a bit resistance as I took my time removing it. It must have been excruciating to have its legs tied as wide as they would go and having such a large catheter pushed up and down inside its bladder. I brought out the vibrator and the Prod again .. and brought it to a climax. Just to see it again. With my fingers up her ass I felt the tell tale contractions of the orgasm she barely had the strength to produce.
It passed out in my arms... again. The cold shower woke it enough to push feebly back as I finally took its cunt against the wall of the freezing shower stall.
It was washed and put to bed. Day 3 will be a further test it its endurance ... and submissive obedience to various perversions. Several of the "freinds" that have contacted me here are anxious to meet it and use it as I have. They can have my sloppy seconds. It will pull the whole train... or pay a price ... for our entertainment.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wonderous and Stupid

It is slender with small ugly tits. A self professed pain slut who has found herself in the perfect place to experience pain.
We met online. It seemed willing and ready to be used. it said no Dom had ever taken her to the edge of her limits. It was challenging me.
Just having it around put me in a foul mood. The basement dungeon was fully prepared for several days of hard use. its "playlist" included breath-play, knives, needles, and catheters. All of which i was practised in thier used ... and abuse.
It met me at Starbucks on the other side of town. I was the perfect gentleman. Opening doors, and putting her at ease. I asked her questions about the people in her life, her experiences and so on. She chatted like she had known me all her life. She had no to call in case of emergencies. No one knew where she was or when she would be back. No one cared enough about it to ask. Perfect.
One final questions ... are you ready? Her answer was Yes ... with a sly smile on her face, she sat down in my car and on to her fate.
In a quiet alley, I took her hand and pushed her hard onto the hood. I put it in thumbcuffs, ball gag and a dark hood. Then put it in the backseat for the rest of the ride.
It was dragged to the dungeon and her clothing torn off. With her hands tied to the rafter and her mouth tightly gagged . I whipped her for an hour... and left the room for another hour.
I could tell the pain in its arms was beginning to be take the fight out of her. Again I whipped it until every part of her was covered in angry welts. Its eyes were glassy and it swayed drunkenly under the bright light of the video cameras. I placed the tips of the cattle prod to her nipples over and over again and spoke softly as I shocked her to consciousness repeatedly. Then showed her my hard cock and told her watching her in pain got me excited. The noose was next... she tried to fight it ... but her muscles no longer had the energy to resist. I left her there while I made my dinner.
I ate slowly in front of it. It had been standing all day ... now it had to stand on its toes to get enough air. It had drool all over its tits and stood in a puddle of its own piss. I picked up the prod ...and the vibrator. I asked it which it wanted? Its eyes showed the agony it was experiencing. I wanted to see it cum now before it was unconscious or dead. So, I gave its pussy a short buzz ...followed by a long shock... and repeated over and over again.
Her cries behind the gag were pathetic. It was well after midnight before I was finished with the torture. It was tied to the bed and catheterized. I woke her every few hours with a new pain experience for it. The sewing up of her cunt was the most fun. Slapping its cunt with my cock produced more pain. I ungagged it and fed it some water. There is nothing worse than a dry blow job. The dental dam opened her mouth painfully wide.. i stiffled her cries with my cock untill it accepted it was going to be throat fucked. It was hot to have my hands tightly around its throat as waited longer and longer between the times i pulled out to let her breath.
Then we went ass to mouth for a while. There was no resistance left... everytime it tried to speak she was slapped and whipped. It was hogtied and put in bed... catheter in place...
it was advised this was the first day ....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 lives

One might say that living in two distinct realities is not possible. That somewhere the two would cause conflict. The cost to my "regular" existence would be devastating to someone who doesnt enjoy a secret life. I can and have pretended to care to keep up appearances , but that gets boring fast. So, rather than pretend , I let it be known that I am only intrested in my own selfish , self-serving, Sadistic , ..often brutal .., intrests.
The first "relationship" I entered into with the least bit of intrest was with a woman several years my senior. She would take all that I would give and ask for more. She was a real pain slut. She introduced me to lots of people in the BDSM world and I took it all in with great relish! At first, i thought they were just like me, but I soon realized they enjoyed this lifestyle from a very different view than my own. So once again, i hid the True Sadist away untill I could unleash him and set him to work on some submissive slut.
With Suze, I was free to explore just how far I could go. She knew lots of girls and boys that needed to tomented and used. I did a guy once while I watched her masturbate in the corner. It was soo fuckin hot I blew my load in his ass ...and she ate it out while our eyes were locked.
Her husband was such a wimpy little bitch. I once had her strip and blow me while we watched football one afternoon. He never made so much as a sound while she slurped loudly on my cock. I would whip her untill she passed out in thier bed and leave her tied there so he would have to untie her and clean up the mess she would make. It was more fun to humiliate him than fucking her.
When she began making demands , I got bored and left. But not before working a baseball bat up her ass and leaving her handcuffed to the toilet. As i pissed in her face.. i told her what a sleazy fuck she was and I she bored me. I zipped up and left her on the floor ... i think she thought i would come back ...