Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Fuck

I dropped in on my favorite fuck hole on Friday. She doesnt drive or even work. The govt takes care of her cuz shes " not quite all there" ... thats cool with me. Even though shes not too bright, she makes up for it in enthusiasm.
I tossed a couple o hundreds on the floor and told her to strip and get on her knees. I had a brief case with some toys and rope that i opened while she removed her clothes. There were still faint belt-wide marks of our last "date" on her ass and back. "Start sucking cunt or what i gave you last time will seem like i did em with a feather" The look in her eyes as she took my cock in her mouth and sucked hungily was full of resignation to what was about to happen. Either she was too afraid to stop me or she really liked to be abused.
I took an old dog collar and fastened it tightly around her thoat. That only made her suck harder. I put the handcuffs on locked them to the collar. Then forced my cock down her throat and out a dozen times.
Tears ran down her cheeks and spit covered my cock and her tits. I stood her up and pushed her head down on the couch and ordered her not to move from this position or she would be punished. I whipped her with a small but very evil Quirt untill her ass was again covered in whelts and her sobs could be heard. I spread the cheeks of her ass and pushed 2 fingers into her ass hard. Her body shook as she sobbed and took the rough treatment of her asshole. I lubbed up her pussy and finally got 4 fingers in her twat... and a thumb in her ass to hold her still. Then i grabbed her throat and pulled the collar tighter ... "Pussy or Ass ,Cunt ... which hole ya want fucked?" Her face was bright red and she was barely able to choke out ..."Please..." Before she passed out ...i let her fall to the floor gasping .... when she opened her eyes i was standing over her rubbing my cock ...
Now I didnt care if i came or not ... i just wanted to use and humilate this cunt some more ... I put my cock in her mouth and ordered her to swallow.... and pissed down her throat ... she choked and gagged but her bounds kept her from getting away from it .... i got harder while i was torturing her and came like a shot ...

I untied her .... dressed .... and she said thank you ... then gave her 10 licks with the belt for not saying Sir ....

Friday, May 16, 2008


Why have i been moved to write all this? I like to shock people. I know one day someone will stumble over this and find something they have in common.
Is what im talking about unusual or rare? Not at all. Many many people fantasize about releasing all thier inhibitions and really take to someone who doesnt expect it. ... and then enjoy it... look inside and tell me otherwise!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is my time of year :)>~ Its warm ... kids are out playing ... school is almost out ( harder to find them but easier to get them in a quiet place) and girls are wearing less.
Public pools are a good hunting grounds. I look for the ones near a wooded area or other infrequently visited places. I have one in mind this week that I have been scoping out now for months. Its not long till memorial day and pool openings. If im patient and ready , I know i will get a good one. There is also a playground that seems to be all by itself on the far side of a baseball field. I know kids go there and play in the woods behind it cuz of thier stuff they leave behind. Damn im a scary guy : )>~

Monday, May 12, 2008

More History

Little Red was a rarity. Of the hundreds of girls I have "Flashed" , several stood out. The particular place I got her was one of my faves but too close to where i lived to be visited regularly. I masked my face with a pair of dark green bandanas I got from the Army surplus store. to insure i would not be recognized.
It was a wooded area between a large High School and the athletic part where the "Sporty " Types practised after school. The long walk up the hill gave ample time to observe and prepare a proper flash, but located on a busy road so care needed to be excersised to prevent an unintended exposure. Lots of Male jocks used this road too. I would have hated to be in a vulnerable position when a bunch of them showed up.
None the less, the area provided much cover and a comanding view. The escape routes were rough and steep but led deep into the park.
A pair of little blondes walked closer to my cover. My timing was perfect ... I was able to call out to them at just the right moment to see me cum. The look on thier faces made me cum even harder! My legs were rubbery as i quickly dressed from cover and escaped into the park.
It was about 20 minutes later when I rode my bike past my spot and near the jock field. There were 3 cop cars, 2 little blonde girls sobbing, and a large group of jocks standing about.
It was like I just flashed 50 kids. I could feel my dick getting hard again as I listened to some of them retell the story that all of them would tell in one way or another. The local newspaper told of the incident in purely factual words, but hinted that this has been occuring for many years in this area. It was more than a year before I visited that place again. But the paper reported later that a man had been caught in the area playing with himself. Poor fucker... i set him up big time! I hope the other boys in jail are kind to him <> Just another victim ...

lil red

I bring up this little slut now cuz I saw her at walmart recently. Pregnant and pushing a stroller. Still as homely as ever but her scrawny body was swollen with another mouth to feed.
Small town girls always seem to end up this way. I wonder if she ever thinks back to the Woods and masturbates. I know I do ... with some very illegal pics of a 14 y/o school girl losing her cherry to a Predator. Ill keep an eye on her and her little ones. Maybe one of her offspring will find herself alone in the woods when she walks into my world : )>~

Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Red Haired Girl

My new little g/f and I began to walk together every afternoon through the park after school. She quite ready to lose her cherry even if she didnt know it yet. I would get her all hot and bothered and have her strip and masturbate. She liked the anal teasing I would give her but she loved to suck my cock. She wrote me poems about how it felt to be on her knees with a hard cock in her mouth. I would be my charming best but planning and scheming about how best to use this horney little girl.
I got a hotel room and invited her into my car. There I set up a hidden camera and planned her continued rape. It was Rape after all. She was 14 ..lonely .. and homely. I wanted something I could jack off too for years to cum. The pics of her deflowering were hot ..messy ... and tearfull.
I seduced her out of her clothes and she dropped to her knees like she was a starving whore. With her mind on something else, the thumbcuffs when on without a whimper .. or barely a whimper. The collar i chose for her was black and purple with lots rings to tie too. I was in heaven. I boldly took out my camera and began to take dozens of photos. A bright red ball gag quieted her nicely. Her eyes held her fear but my touch and soft words kept her going. It was the anal plug that suprised me. She took it and pushed back for more. I teased her pussy and ate her untill spit and pussy juice flowed easily.
Her hands were tied behind her neck to the collar as i laid her back.
"Are you waiting untill you are married?" I asked her matter of factly ... while she looked at me from between her legs and dripping pussy. Her eyes were glazed as she nodded yes ... I began to lick around her asshole with the plug still firmly inside. Her face was flushed crimson and her hips moved in small circles . In this position she had no choice but to watch ... i pulled out a vibrator and teased her clit ... stopping once in a while to take more hummiliating photos of her... my dick was so hard I thought it would split and a drop of precum hung at the tip. I rubbed in all over her lips ... then bent down to remove the plug.
It had stretched her asshole enough to gape as i opened it further with my fingers.. 2 ...then 3 as I watched her face. Then gently pushed the head of my cock inside. I made her cum again with the vibrator as I pushed deeper ..gently ... her eyes half closed ... i fucked her virgin ass harder ... and came on her tits and face....
I untied her slowly ... took her to the shower and cleaned her ... and made her suck me clean.
She was quiet on the way home, but assured me she was ok.
The pics are wonderfull ...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More History

Among the places I have visited, My favorite has been a small town in New England. Despite getting Lyme's Disease, I know dozens of places there that have been "target rich" environments for me to do my worst.
I worked nights so my afternoons were full of adventures in perversion. Prime time is before school and just after when girls walk home from school. One girl walked home through a well traveled trail through a huge public park. The local cops didnt have bicyles or even enough bumpkins to regularly patrol the area.
This girl was such fun. I started leaving her porno mags so i could have a few moments more to view her scrawny little ass. She would stop and sit while she read each page. One day I began to leave her notes describing how cute she was and if there was any type of mag she would like to see. To my suprise she wrote me back ...every day : )>~ ... This went on through March and April untill the weather was warm. Our notes became more and more erotic as the weeks passed. I always signed the notes Teacher. I think she liked that idea. I finally asked her if she would meet me ... for exactly what we had been writing about. She agreed eagerly and I prepared a place to do this admitted virgin.
Red hair, school girl skirt, no tits to speak of, and a face that would stop a clock, but a curiousity and desire kindled by the attention of a real Predator. We met for the first time at the place i ususally left a magazine and a note. We hugged and kissed as i took her hand and lead her to a quiet place where i had left a blanket and a small cooler of sodas ( also a bag with toys ) .
We stood and kissed and I gently explored her body. She went right for my cock over my shorts. I guided her hand onto my cock and whispered in her ear "Stroke me" . She obediently agreed as I slid my hands up her skirt and into a hairy little twat. She was wet and drew in breath as i found her sensitive spots. I undressed her so she was completely naked and I remained clothed. ( This is such a Dominant position) She offered no resistance as i lead her to her knees and unzipped my pants. She latched onto my cock with her mouth as i dropped my shorts and removed my shirt. I guided her on how to suck cock and use her hands to stroke me at the same time. She had said nothing at all up to now. and the sounds of her sucking was driving me to a quick climax. I stopped her and took by the hair and had her crawl to the blanket. I gently pushed her on her back and spread her legs.
That furry little was flushed redder than her hair. I licked and rubbed her untill she relaxed and began to enjoy being eaten for the first time. By now all her inhibitions had left and she was alone naked and exposed to a pedaphile sucking on her virgin pussy. To be honest, she didnt smell or taste that good, but the subtle rolling of her hips told me all i needed to know. I rubbed and pinched her little clit until she moaned and opened up wider. I wanted to jam my cock in and bust that cherry but i patiently let her climax build closer and closer to the climax she was craving. I began working my fingers deeper inside untill i felt the resistance of her maidenhead then backed off and worked her wet little pussy up even higher. I watched her face as i pushed a finger into her virgin asshole and felt her cum like crazy. I had her finshed me with her mouth and hands and held her head as i came in her mouth. She choked on my cum a bit as i ordered her to swallow all of it.
I would get to take her cherry little pussy ... and ass ... at a better more comfortable time.
For now she was talkative and felt better about almost everything in her world... at 14 .. she was about to become a porn star.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls I have used

I am often amazed at how much some girls want and need to be abused. Its like it reinforces some deep seated knowledge that they are worthless and only needed when a Man wants to use them. I like that about this slut I have been using for months now.
I showed up unannounced at her apartment on Friday. She began to whine about how she was behind in her rent and her kid needed clothes. I simply asked " How badly do you need money, cunt?" and took off my belt ..... .
Her cries muffled with a ball gag and duct tape I whipped her ass and tits untill she was covered with whelts. Then made her beg to lick my ass. It was most gratifying.... especially when I noticed her daughter watching. Sweet little thing.. all of 9 ..watched her mother take it up her ass and suck me clean. I tossed a couple of hundred on the floor and left ... gratified that I abused 2 girls tonight. I will return in a few days with more cash .. and some new ideas

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Walking the Woods

How does one go about sizing up a good place to find and show off to young school girls walking home from school?
Its not easy but it is rewarding in its own way. The shrinks agree that its the preparation, the anticipation, the Chase if you will, and the ceremony surounding the act. I agree, but the compulsion pushes me to take chances a "normal" person would not consider. But then again, a "normal" person would get off to showing off his hard cock to a young girl.
Of the dozens of places I have visited over the years, They all have similar features.
Wooded areas near a school ... they have trails and hiding places
Shopping malls ... good places to park the truck where it will not be noticed. I often take my bike and the covered truck bed is a good place to hide it afterwards. ( the police scanner is an added bit of fun too)
Multiple exits.. i mentioned this before but it is important to be able to leave the area unnoticed and away from the "Crime Scene". I have had several opportunites to use them as an excape. Some towns have police on bikes. Popular swimming pools and places where lots of people congregate is where they are found. Best to avoid such areas untill they leave for the day.
Which brings up an important point. If I feel that a particular place is too busy ...too heavily traveled.. or just gives me a "Bad Feeling" then I have the disipline to leave for greener pastures. Often, there is a tight window of opportunity. Right after school... after a ball game... before school starts ..ect. ... that I have to prepare for well in advance. I hate being rushed!
Planning planning planning ... keeps me safe me the best vantage point ... and makes my experience that much more intense. The element of suprise gives my " client" a good shock and a proper view of my little fetish.
I like to see the look of thier faces ... and care little about the fear i instill in these girls. Its the ones that come back again and again that are my favs. but the ones i get once ... and get well... are the most memorable and exciting ..for me ... Cuz I AM IN CONTROL of the situation.. I say when ...where .,.. how ... and if I flash them ... i like to do it when im cumming ..again for the intensity of it ... Im always looking for a more intense scene