Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Online Predation

For several weeks i have been chatting up a submissive. Nothing earthshattering about that, but this one is unique. 19... and cute with fantasies she says shes had since her first experience with ...a Sexual Predator : )>~
She writes... i met a man online when i was 15 ... and he took me someplace and raped me repeatedly for days. At the end of her ordeal, she was hospitalized with anal tears, and a branding on her thigh. She says she cannot forget what happened ..and masturbates daily dreaming about it.
The reaction of her parents and others was shock and disgust ... so she never told anyone how she really felt about it. Throughout our chatting and emails i have gathered enough info to determine her story is true. Reported in the newspapers, the perp was caught some months later after raping several more girls in a similar fashion. I hope his memories carry him through his life sentence.
We will meet on the weekend. I discussed exactly what i will do ( and a few i didnt discuss) and will take her to that level of intensity. I watched her jillin on her cam for me last night. She promises her love to the man who can make her feel like that again. LOL ..who cares about her love ... i just wanna fuck and further humiliate this cunt ... of course pictures and a video will be forthcuming to those who wish to see just how a "consentual" brutal rape happens ... it will be a wonderfull seduction