Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 lives

One might say that living in two distinct realities is not possible. That somewhere the two would cause conflict. The cost to my "regular" existence would be devastating to someone who doesnt enjoy a secret life. I can and have pretended to care to keep up appearances , but that gets boring fast. So, rather than pretend , I let it be known that I am only intrested in my own selfish , self-serving, Sadistic , ..often brutal .., intrests.
The first "relationship" I entered into with the least bit of intrest was with a woman several years my senior. She would take all that I would give and ask for more. She was a real pain slut. She introduced me to lots of people in the BDSM world and I took it all in with great relish! At first, i thought they were just like me, but I soon realized they enjoyed this lifestyle from a very different view than my own. So once again, i hid the True Sadist away untill I could unleash him and set him to work on some submissive slut.
With Suze, I was free to explore just how far I could go. She knew lots of girls and boys that needed to tomented and used. I did a guy once while I watched her masturbate in the corner. It was soo fuckin hot I blew my load in his ass ...and she ate it out while our eyes were locked.
Her husband was such a wimpy little bitch. I once had her strip and blow me while we watched football one afternoon. He never made so much as a sound while she slurped loudly on my cock. I would whip her untill she passed out in thier bed and leave her tied there so he would have to untie her and clean up the mess she would make. It was more fun to humiliate him than fucking her.
When she began making demands , I got bored and left. But not before working a baseball bat up her ass and leaving her handcuffed to the toilet. As i pissed in her face.. i told her what a sleazy fuck she was and I she bored me. I zipped up and left her on the floor ... i think she thought i would come back ...