Monday, April 28, 2008


I mentioned my first experience. Shes was 7 and the sister of a friend. She was playing in a park by herself when I came by. I stopped and started chatting. I pushed her on the swing, the carosel, and copped several good feels under her dress while we played. She would giggle and squirm when i touched a good spot. No one was around and I was hard as a rock. In a quiet spot nearby I proudly showed her my cock. I gently rubbed her pussy over her panties and guided her hands around my cock. I showed her how to rub it while getting a finger into her little pussy. She did what i told her and then said her brother had her do this too. I would have to remember that ...
My climax suprised me as much as it did her. I thanked her and left ... it would be several years before I saw her again. As young as i was, i didnt know if she would tell. but seeing her again i knew she had told no one. I was relieved and curious , but never talked about it with her.