Friday, April 25, 2008

Pedophilia in todays society

OK ... I am a Pedophile. I live Two Lives.
In One...I am the Dutifull Father , Husband, Lover, Provider and general good guy.
In the Other ... I am a Predator of Great talent and desire.
I am a very active person. I jog regularly and ride my bicycle to stay in shape. I have had to use all of my Physical stamina to escape capture ( thats a story for another day ) .
I wont tell you how long I have been doing this ... but I was very involved in this lifestyle while Carter was president : )>~
Last week i was with my child at the park.. a little girl began to play next to the bench i sat on. She seemed starved for attention so we chatted ... I knew all about her and her family in a few minutes. Single Mom ... grandmaw babysits ( shes 70 something ) ... one big brother 8 y/o .. playing at the far end of the field. No one else was around so ... i told her what a good pretty little girl she was. She smiled and chatted on ... I told her to open her legs so i may see her panties ... she complied with a big smile ... next i told her to pull aside her panties so i could see under them. She complied with no hesitation and just smiled. I complimented her again .. on how pretty she was sitting there. She loved the adult attention. I dont think it was her first show for a man.
Thats how it goes.. The Predator struck again ... and escaped ... amazing and exciting. But know one knows how much I would lose if i was caught. The news is full of morons caught by accident or design.