Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother F@cker

My fav fuckhole must really enjoy the abuse I heap on her. I offered to take mom and daugher to Mexico for a LONG weekend. fuckhole jumped on my offer and we headed for the border.
I have been here dozens of times and knew of several beach houses that are quiet and secluded along the Pacific coast. I was my charming best untill we all were alone. fuckhole got too high and drunk and passed out early. little fuckhole and I got to know each other better.
We played on the beach, took some nice vanilla pics and wound up showering together. I taught her slowly how to please me and i showed her how to climax. It wasnt hard. A small vibrator had her goin in no time at all. At first she was afraid but that melted into the need to do it over and over again. Each time I showed her something new. Even her asshole enjoyed a little bit o play. She spread her barely furred little twat and buzzed away. We slept and ate dinner on the patio. It was perfect.
She admitted to watching me do her mom. After dinner, she drank some wine with me and her mom still snored away the evening.
Little fuckhole had no problems learning how sucking my cock. I warned her that if anyone found out, it would not go well for mom. She understood ... and got on her knees as directed.
It pleases me to find little girls to prey on ...


Anonymous said...

The man drew in a slow, long breath as his heart began to pound. It was finally the day, the day that one girl, perhaps more, would fall victim to him. They were not the first and probably would not be the last if his instinctive ability of escape held true as it had in the past. He squirmed slightly in the brush as his uncovered manhood throbbed with the eagerness of proving itself potent. As the final school bell rang, he prepared himself.

The victim was probably going to be the brunette with crystal blue eyes, as long as her friends didn't decide to accompany her home. Girls of this tender age did that now and again, breaking daily ritual with the presence of others. He would be getting some sort of gratification, he decided. This would not turn to be one of those days where he simply packed up and left because some childish bitch had ruined his carefully laid plans.

As though she had read his thoughts and decided to respond that she had indeed kept her pattern, the brunette appeared at the end of the half-hidden path. Watching a slight breeze sway her blue plaid skirt, he couldn't help to but smirk at how easily she was falling into his plans. So predictable, not that he minded. It would be much harder to do this, to expose these children to his decisions on whether or not they were ready for what he wanted. Taking a deep breath, the man walked out onto the path and stared at her as his thick cock pulsed between his legs.

Without uttering a word, the girl froze and gaped at what he was doing. Deciding it would be a good moment to show off, he reached down and stroked his length like one might stroke a pet so that it twitched against his palm. Taking one stumbling step towards him, the girl blushed with embarrassment at his exposure while an odd curiousity welled in her blue eyes. To this the man simply raised his eyebrows, a gesture that clearly said what do you think you are doing? When it was mixed with the look in his eyes, he had been known to be able to say that he had not yet given her permission to advance.

The girl suddenly grinned in a way that made him nervous. The look was far too akin to his own when he showed his victims his "toy."
In a matter of moments, he knew why. One of the girl's pale hands slithered up between her legs and lifted her uniform skirt up out of the way. Cradling it to her stomach, her free hand also went inbetween her legs, though this one pushed her tiny panties out of the way and down to her knees. His hand still on himself, the man watched as she exposed her virgin pussy. It was just starting to grow its own brown curls, he noted absently as he gave himself an excited squeeze.

As eagerly as she had shown him herself back, the girl caressed herself ever so gently. Seeing the desire build in his expression, the girl giggled softly and slipped one finger into herself proudly with a groan. Hearing voices shook the man out of his mild daze and he slipped back into the brush. Methodically he gathered up his clothing and quietly slipped in further before putting them back on. His mind still on how the girl had reacted, he walked out of the woods. Despite how long their encounter had been, he doubted that any description she might give would be useful. After all, his looks were uniform and people simply didn't think a loving husband and father did that sort of thing.

Sir said...

Excelent post ...thanks for letting me know that there are more of us out there than the world is ready to acknowledge. I look forward to hearing from you again ...