Thursday, June 26, 2008


Among the fav pastimes mentioned in previous posts, I indulge in collecting pretty pictures of girls that are too scared or too stupid ... and wayyyy too young in front of a pedophile's camera. I have several people I trade with regularly online and I am always amazed how many girls are used at such a tender age. Its a dangerous game but one I play well. Anonymous email addys on overseas servers, no hints as too where I live and who is in these pretty pics.
Some I have taken and posted over the years. Its always gratifying to see one of my girls being traded among pedos all over the world. I have such a large collection that I always know when a new one is being posted. Cool stuff : )>~
There are the Semi-legal , semi nude, and completely erotic pics of wanna be models posing at 10 ..12 ..13 y/o in very adult positions. See thru panties ..overdone makeup... thongs ... brazilian bikinis.. . Hot stuff for the pedos of the world. There are a few that always seem to cum up. Sandra..Lia ..and a host of others that pose in loose panties..teasing the viewer with peeks at nipples and pussy. Sandra has grown up. I have all her pics. Now that shes legal, Im sure her popularity has dropped. But i have all of her nudes ( not the photoshopped ones) . I used one of her sets to convince a pretty little teeny to pose for me. Good stuff ....