Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2

It was beginning to stink of piss and pussy. Blood had dried on its cunt where the needles had pierced its lips and the thread pulled its pussy closed. The catheter was clamped closed and the tube was filled with piss. Six loops of rope surounded its throat as its hands where tightly tied. It could not touch itself or stop my torture. I cut away the threads that held its cunt and open it roughly with my fingers. I whispered so softly in its ear ... and led her to the shower. I made sure the water was ice cold as I washed it roughly. I was not so cruel with the enema. Making sure it was warm and soapy. it was confused but obedient as it was ordered to its knees. I like having my asshole licked by a motivated submissive. I spread my ass and ordered it to lick ... it hesitated only a second. That was my que... Thrown down on the bathroom floor, it was disciplined with the meanest whip I own. When I finished .. it begged to eat my ass... "Like a Good Girl" The enema drained onto the floor as it whimpered but pushed its tongue as deeply as it could up my ass. I pushed her face into the mess and buttfucked it hard. I withdrew my cock and forced it into her waiting mouth. Still covered in shit from its draining ass. It no longer cared what I did to it.
The catheter offered a bit resistance as I took my time removing it. It must have been excruciating to have its legs tied as wide as they would go and having such a large catheter pushed up and down inside its bladder. I brought out the vibrator and the Prod again .. and brought it to a climax. Just to see it again. With my fingers up her ass I felt the tell tale contractions of the orgasm she barely had the strength to produce.
It passed out in my arms... again. The cold shower woke it enough to push feebly back as I finally took its cunt against the wall of the freezing shower stall.
It was washed and put to bed. Day 3 will be a further test it its endurance ... and submissive obedience to various perversions. Several of the "freinds" that have contacted me here are anxious to meet it and use it as I have. They can have my sloppy seconds. It will pull the whole train... or pay a price ... for our entertainment.


lustyho said...

From what I have read here over the past few hours..on and off..I can relate to many of these posts, but in fantasy only. I do like what I have read here though. Very creative and very intoxicating at the same time too. :)

You have a new fan here. I added you to my blog list on my blog too.

Spanked Girls said...

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