Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its not hard to find what I want. I must belong to a dozen dating, fucking, or bdsm clubs that I use to find women ready to be used.
I traveled to Kanas to see a young lady that has been begging me to do her for 2 months now. Our emails just kept getting hotter and hotter. I told her up front I can be a brutal SOB. I even had her sign a waiver and notorize it with permission to keep all the photos and do whatever i pleased short of hospitalization.
She is a skinny bucktoothed kid with a head full of fantasys and a twat that was not ready for what I had in mind. We drove to Arkansas to a cabin I had rented. It was far out of way so her cries for help ...or mercy would not disturb the neighbors.
I shaved her pussy. Made love to her like she was a goddess and began to brutalize her slowly and thoroughly. The single-tail whip made her pee on the floor during its first use on her pale flesh. I gave her an enema that should have come out of her mouth and kept her bound and collared for days. She ate from a bowl on the floor and licked the toilet clean daily. My asshole was kept clean and my cock satisfied a couple of times a day.
On the drive home, I had her blowing truckers for 20 bucks a pop at truck stops. I dropped her off at home bruised and humiliated with a fresh tattoo on her ass. A reminder of our "date".
She begged to come home with me after all I put her through. I pissed in her mouth while she blew me for the last time.