Monday, March 30, 2009

Previous Predation

I have been a predator for as long as i can remember. As a teen, I felt akward and ashamed of these fantasies. I dreamed of "getting even" with all those girls that rejected me. My first rape was of a girl from another school in OK. I stalked her ... dreamed of her when i masturbated... and planned. My plans included duct tape , gloves and vaseline. I am a huge fan of crime stories and learned how to plan and not leave evidence.
She was a latch key kid living in a nice neighborhood. Breaking in was easy... waiting for her to come home from school was hard. I went through her things looking for souvenirs ...settled on a pair of her dirty panties. I was just about to lose my nerve when she arrived. I hid and jumped on her as she passed the closet door. I beat her , tied her and carried her to her charming little bedroom with "My Little Pony" stuff on the walls. It was quick and satisfying. I cleaned up and dragged her into the shower telling her I would be back.
I got to read about it in the paper ... I still get a woodie remembering her sweet little pussy.. and her sobs