Thursday, March 26, 2009

Traveling Stories

Having been "On the Road" for a while, I have availed myself of the pleasures of the European BDSM Community. I have subscriptions to all the major bdsm dating sites so i can be entertained while traveling.
I stayed with a couple for a few days that love to be Dominated together. They were eating my asshole within a few hours of "play" ... of course the knife to her throat encouraged him to do what he was told. I have never had my ass toungued so deeply. They were quite happy with thier new Master and I allowed them to think that I cared.
I have been chatting up an 18 y/0 girl in Denmark for quite some time. I visited and we had dinner in a nice resturant. Like all girls her age, she was looking for adventure ..and a Daddy... She will visit next month and will be used horribly and brutally as a Sex Slave. I hinted that she would be badly abused in my dungeon for days on end. Either she has a death wish or no idea what shes in for.
We made love at the hotel with only the most gentle and subtle hints of what she would endure at my hand. If shes decides she wants to visit for a while ... she will make a wonderfull party toy.. after I am completely sure she will obey without hesitation. That is ...if she survives