Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have just returned from an overseas trip that I have looked forward to for years. After much research I have discovered the pedos travel agents abroad.
Everyone talks about the brothels in Thailand, Viet Nam, and Malasia, but India provided the best experience I have ever had with preteen girls. For about the price of a dinner at Applebee's , I was provided with 2 hungry little eight year old girls that were gratefull for the opportunity to fuck a foriegner for cash.
I traveled to New Delhi and began to travel south to Madurai on the trains. As soon as I stepped out on the streets, children would suround travellers begging for money. Most work for family members or "pimps" to beg for money, but some had no problems understanding english or the demands of the traveling pedos. Getting a blowjob from a 10 y/o in an alley for a buck was lots of fun. I had no problems finding all that I could enjoy from eager children at every stop.
I arranged a beach house with my new little friends and taught them lots of new tricks. I cant post here but to those who know me, the vids and pics are available. What a country!!