Thursday, May 8, 2008

More History

Among the places I have visited, My favorite has been a small town in New England. Despite getting Lyme's Disease, I know dozens of places there that have been "target rich" environments for me to do my worst.
I worked nights so my afternoons were full of adventures in perversion. Prime time is before school and just after when girls walk home from school. One girl walked home through a well traveled trail through a huge public park. The local cops didnt have bicyles or even enough bumpkins to regularly patrol the area.
This girl was such fun. I started leaving her porno mags so i could have a few moments more to view her scrawny little ass. She would stop and sit while she read each page. One day I began to leave her notes describing how cute she was and if there was any type of mag she would like to see. To my suprise she wrote me back ...every day : )>~ ... This went on through March and April untill the weather was warm. Our notes became more and more erotic as the weeks passed. I always signed the notes Teacher. I think she liked that idea. I finally asked her if she would meet me ... for exactly what we had been writing about. She agreed eagerly and I prepared a place to do this admitted virgin.
Red hair, school girl skirt, no tits to speak of, and a face that would stop a clock, but a curiousity and desire kindled by the attention of a real Predator. We met for the first time at the place i ususally left a magazine and a note. We hugged and kissed as i took her hand and lead her to a quiet place where i had left a blanket and a small cooler of sodas ( also a bag with toys ) .
We stood and kissed and I gently explored her body. She went right for my cock over my shorts. I guided her hand onto my cock and whispered in her ear "Stroke me" . She obediently agreed as I slid my hands up her skirt and into a hairy little twat. She was wet and drew in breath as i found her sensitive spots. I undressed her so she was completely naked and I remained clothed. ( This is such a Dominant position) She offered no resistance as i lead her to her knees and unzipped my pants. She latched onto my cock with her mouth as i dropped my shorts and removed my shirt. I guided her on how to suck cock and use her hands to stroke me at the same time. She had said nothing at all up to now. and the sounds of her sucking was driving me to a quick climax. I stopped her and took by the hair and had her crawl to the blanket. I gently pushed her on her back and spread her legs.
That furry little was flushed redder than her hair. I licked and rubbed her untill she relaxed and began to enjoy being eaten for the first time. By now all her inhibitions had left and she was alone naked and exposed to a pedaphile sucking on her virgin pussy. To be honest, she didnt smell or taste that good, but the subtle rolling of her hips told me all i needed to know. I rubbed and pinched her little clit until she moaned and opened up wider. I wanted to jam my cock in and bust that cherry but i patiently let her climax build closer and closer to the climax she was craving. I began working my fingers deeper inside untill i felt the resistance of her maidenhead then backed off and worked her wet little pussy up even higher. I watched her face as i pushed a finger into her virgin asshole and felt her cum like crazy. I had her finshed me with her mouth and hands and held her head as i came in her mouth. She choked on my cum a bit as i ordered her to swallow all of it.
I would get to take her cherry little pussy ... and ass ... at a better more comfortable time.
For now she was talkative and felt better about almost everything in her world... at 14 .. she was about to become a porn star.