Thursday, May 1, 2008

Walking the Woods

How does one go about sizing up a good place to find and show off to young school girls walking home from school?
Its not easy but it is rewarding in its own way. The shrinks agree that its the preparation, the anticipation, the Chase if you will, and the ceremony surounding the act. I agree, but the compulsion pushes me to take chances a "normal" person would not consider. But then again, a "normal" person would get off to showing off his hard cock to a young girl.
Of the dozens of places I have visited over the years, They all have similar features.
Wooded areas near a school ... they have trails and hiding places
Shopping malls ... good places to park the truck where it will not be noticed. I often take my bike and the covered truck bed is a good place to hide it afterwards. ( the police scanner is an added bit of fun too)
Multiple exits.. i mentioned this before but it is important to be able to leave the area unnoticed and away from the "Crime Scene". I have had several opportunites to use them as an excape. Some towns have police on bikes. Popular swimming pools and places where lots of people congregate is where they are found. Best to avoid such areas untill they leave for the day.
Which brings up an important point. If I feel that a particular place is too busy ...too heavily traveled.. or just gives me a "Bad Feeling" then I have the disipline to leave for greener pastures. Often, there is a tight window of opportunity. Right after school... after a ball game... before school starts ..ect. ... that I have to prepare for well in advance. I hate being rushed!
Planning planning planning ... keeps me safe me the best vantage point ... and makes my experience that much more intense. The element of suprise gives my " client" a good shock and a proper view of my little fetish.
I like to see the look of thier faces ... and care little about the fear i instill in these girls. Its the ones that come back again and again that are my favs. but the ones i get once ... and get well... are the most memorable and exciting ..for me ... Cuz I AM IN CONTROL of the situation.. I say when ...where .,.. how ... and if I flash them ... i like to do it when im cumming ..again for the intensity of it ... Im always looking for a more intense scene