Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls I have used

I am often amazed at how much some girls want and need to be abused. Its like it reinforces some deep seated knowledge that they are worthless and only needed when a Man wants to use them. I like that about this slut I have been using for months now.
I showed up unannounced at her apartment on Friday. She began to whine about how she was behind in her rent and her kid needed clothes. I simply asked " How badly do you need money, cunt?" and took off my belt ..... .
Her cries muffled with a ball gag and duct tape I whipped her ass and tits untill she was covered with whelts. Then made her beg to lick my ass. It was most gratifying.... especially when I noticed her daughter watching. Sweet little thing.. all of 9 ..watched her mother take it up her ass and suck me clean. I tossed a couple of hundred on the floor and left ... gratified that I abused 2 girls tonight. I will return in a few days with more cash .. and some new ideas