Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Red Haired Girl

My new little g/f and I began to walk together every afternoon through the park after school. She quite ready to lose her cherry even if she didnt know it yet. I would get her all hot and bothered and have her strip and masturbate. She liked the anal teasing I would give her but she loved to suck my cock. She wrote me poems about how it felt to be on her knees with a hard cock in her mouth. I would be my charming best but planning and scheming about how best to use this horney little girl.
I got a hotel room and invited her into my car. There I set up a hidden camera and planned her continued rape. It was Rape after all. She was 14 ..lonely .. and homely. I wanted something I could jack off too for years to cum. The pics of her deflowering were hot ..messy ... and tearfull.
I seduced her out of her clothes and she dropped to her knees like she was a starving whore. With her mind on something else, the thumbcuffs when on without a whimper .. or barely a whimper. The collar i chose for her was black and purple with lots rings to tie too. I was in heaven. I boldly took out my camera and began to take dozens of photos. A bright red ball gag quieted her nicely. Her eyes held her fear but my touch and soft words kept her going. It was the anal plug that suprised me. She took it and pushed back for more. I teased her pussy and ate her untill spit and pussy juice flowed easily.
Her hands were tied behind her neck to the collar as i laid her back.
"Are you waiting untill you are married?" I asked her matter of factly ... while she looked at me from between her legs and dripping pussy. Her eyes were glazed as she nodded yes ... I began to lick around her asshole with the plug still firmly inside. Her face was flushed crimson and her hips moved in small circles . In this position she had no choice but to watch ... i pulled out a vibrator and teased her clit ... stopping once in a while to take more hummiliating photos of her... my dick was so hard I thought it would split and a drop of precum hung at the tip. I rubbed in all over her lips ... then bent down to remove the plug.
It had stretched her asshole enough to gape as i opened it further with my fingers.. 2 ...then 3 as I watched her face. Then gently pushed the head of my cock inside. I made her cum again with the vibrator as I pushed deeper ..gently ... her eyes half closed ... i fucked her virgin ass harder ... and came on her tits and face....
I untied her slowly ... took her to the shower and cleaned her ... and made her suck me clean.
She was quiet on the way home, but assured me she was ok.
The pics are wonderfull ...