Monday, May 12, 2008

More History

Little Red was a rarity. Of the hundreds of girls I have "Flashed" , several stood out. The particular place I got her was one of my faves but too close to where i lived to be visited regularly. I masked my face with a pair of dark green bandanas I got from the Army surplus store. to insure i would not be recognized.
It was a wooded area between a large High School and the athletic part where the "Sporty " Types practised after school. The long walk up the hill gave ample time to observe and prepare a proper flash, but located on a busy road so care needed to be excersised to prevent an unintended exposure. Lots of Male jocks used this road too. I would have hated to be in a vulnerable position when a bunch of them showed up.
None the less, the area provided much cover and a comanding view. The escape routes were rough and steep but led deep into the park.
A pair of little blondes walked closer to my cover. My timing was perfect ... I was able to call out to them at just the right moment to see me cum. The look on thier faces made me cum even harder! My legs were rubbery as i quickly dressed from cover and escaped into the park.
It was about 20 minutes later when I rode my bike past my spot and near the jock field. There were 3 cop cars, 2 little blonde girls sobbing, and a large group of jocks standing about.
It was like I just flashed 50 kids. I could feel my dick getting hard again as I listened to some of them retell the story that all of them would tell in one way or another. The local newspaper told of the incident in purely factual words, but hinted that this has been occuring for many years in this area. It was more than a year before I visited that place again. But the paper reported later that a man had been caught in the area playing with himself. Poor fucker... i set him up big time! I hope the other boys in jail are kind to him <> Just another victim ...