Monday, July 14, 2008

Now what...

... guess who showed up this morning on my front porch. Yep.. the skinny little fuck from Kansas. She was carrying everything she owned in a backpack and sobbed uncontrollably while kneeling in a dirty dress.
I was horny at the moment so I had her blow me while spelling out the rules. She was to do exactly what she was told. Failure to obey would punished harshly ( Like it matters ). If she refused punishment ...well ... she knows where the door is.
There was something akin to gratitude in her eyes and she returned to her task with renewed vigor. I stopped her and showed her to her new place. My playroom is well stocked with my toys. I used a large ball gag and handcuffs to firmly attach her to the wall. I informed her that she was to be punished for the next 7 days for showing up unannounced. She started sobbing again even before I started. Her tears made mud out of the dirt on her face.
I was completely unintrested in her discomfort or her anguish. She chose to be here. In her mind she deserved this. I found no reason to disagree with her assesment of the situation.
I renewed the vicious whip marks I had left on her ass and legs and turned my attention to her pitifull excuse for tits.
I used rope and leather to immobilize her against the wall ... donned latex gloves and carefully cleaned each nipple with Betadine. Im sure by now she was resigned to her fate but the piercing tray held several instraments that she could not take her eyes from. I clamped and pierced each nipple quickly and stepped back to admire my work. Her eyes were glassy with whatever was going thru that head of hers. A slight trickle of blood oozed and rolled over her tits.I considered doing her clit too but decided to wait for another day to enjoy that more completely.
I put her to work cleaning the bathrooms. Collared, chained to the dancer pole, and hurting from her new piercings she was beyond tears. And set to work scrubbing the floor..