Thursday, July 24, 2008

play time

Today I felt drawn to a swimming pool in a neighboring town. I have visited this place a few times, but have never had a successfull exhibition there. It is a small lake with ropes and bouys marking the swimming area with a large sandy beach. Nice place for kids to play : )>~
The park around it has lots of paths and woods which lead to the suburbs around it. Perfect place to get some exercise and practise my fav compulsion. I rode through the park in the morning on my bike and saw no police at all. One cruiser rolled by the swimming area and left the park. Now all I have to do is wait ... naked... hidden but close ... masked... with an excellent view of 3 trails to a low income apartment complex.
A couple of groups of kids passed with bigger kids along. I watched but stayed hidden. I knew a child would come along soon to be witness to my sexuality. Whether they wished it or not : )>~
Thats why I enjoy this soo much. I am in total control. I decide when and where ... that thought kept me patient enough to wait.
The sun was high and the woods where a bit steamy. This kind of weather keeps adults away from the woods, but kids dont worry about that and take the short cut that leads to me. Todays flash was to a little black girl about 10 I would guess in a bikini handed down from someone. It fit loosely on her puggie body and she walked along slowly. When I stepped from hiding rubbing my ready cock. It took a moment for her to realize what was in front of her. She smiled uncomfortably and watched as a spray of cum erupted from my cock and onto the trail. I thanked her for her attention and left to recover my clothing from hiding. The whole thing took about 30 seconds after 5 hours setting up and watching.
Again, its not the act that compels me but the chase. I watched through binoculars the girl i just flashed at the pool for an hour or more. No cops ... no adult ... . Perfect flash .. Ill bet she masturbates tonght.