Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend fun

The doctor gave her a clean bill of health so now her training enters her third week. The leash training is going well. It has gotten used to being on a leash when we are in public. It proudly displays her new collar and delights in getting new clothing. She is not permitted anything to wear in the house or yard except her collar. I gave her some big ole granny panties to wear durning her menses which are amusing to see on her skinny butt.
When i am away, she is locked in the bedroom with a chain and padlock on her collar. No TV, internet, telephone or outside communications. I do have a web cam i log into just to show her off. I had her doing Ass to Mouth drills for the entertainment of my web freinds last night.
I will auction her off soon. Shes beginning to bore me.