Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend activities

My newest house slut is working out well so far. I tied her to a hook next to the front door and admired her most of the day Saturday reminding her she is just another pretty object in my living room. Then put her to work cleaning house.
I took away all her meager posessions, clothing, and body hair. She eats when shes told, Shits when and where shes told and pleasures everyone I order her to do. She makes a good foot rest, but still a bit plain. Dont know if that can be fixed or not, but as long as she knows her place then I will continue to use her.
I sent her to the doctor last week for a complete physical. Hes kink freindly and very thorough. I had a vasectomy several years ago so gettin her knocked up is not my concern but keeping her clean for me and my friends is important. Slut ownership can be expensive but my plans for her will pay that in a short time.
She still needs training even though she has not resisted in the least since she arrived. Putting back some passion is going to be an intresting experiment. Someone really took all of her sense of self away long before I got a hold of her.
For Saturday's gathering, I dressed her in school girl clothes ( straight from the Catholic charities garage sale) and had her read from De Sade's book. She is so small and skinny that she could easily pass for a teenybopper. The rest of the night she served drinks to my guests.
I gave her to a lesbian mistress later to see just how submissive she really is. My lesbian freind taught her well and firmly. She said it didnt take much to get her eating pussy and she climaxes very easily.
All things considered, she has been quite entertaining. I still want to see her take on 4 or 5 guys at one time. i know a fellow hung so well hes likely to split her in two. He can have her last.